Sunday, 18 March 2012

Evaluation - Filmed

This was our own review on the film which we done in podcast form.

Audience Feedback

This is someone else reviewing our film opening and telling us what they liked about it and what we could improve on.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012


What is your age group?16-24    25-34   35-44    44+

What is your gender?
Male   Female

What is your favorite genre?
Thriller   Comedy   Action   Romantic   Sci-Fi    War

What makes you want to watch a film in this genre?
Cast   Director   Genre   Good trailer   Storyline

What is your favorite type of character?
Villain  Hero  Victim   Other

What makes a good villain in a thriller?
Serial   Physco   Terrorist   Other

Which setting do you prefer for a thriller?
City   Little village  Town   Workplace   Other

What kind of weapon do you prefer?
Gun   Knife   Bombs   Psychological

What is your favorite sub-genre?
Psychological Thriller   Action Thriller   Horror Thriller   Other

What is your prefered ending to a thriller?
Evil character surviving (cliff hanger)   Good guy provalling   Innocent killed   Unexpected

The results of our questionnaire are as follows, a total of 10 people were asked:

Filming Schedule

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


This is the animatics we created. We started by drawing it onto a storyboard, until we decided that scanning it and making it more sharp through paint would be a good idea. Jack done the video editing as he is reknown for such things with the computer, and with his editing skills we have been able to tell the story better. When the scene fades out, it is showing that it is a memory that is going through his mind, with him explaining it to the interegator. We felt that we could add an element of suspicion with the 'villain' in the film by not showing his face throughout. As the man cant recall anything that has happened, but is slowly regaining his memory, he is harshly interegatted by this man who he does not know and asked questions that he can not answer. While he is reciting his memory, we slowly fade out into a cut scene where it shows the characters and what actually happened visually. We feel this can enhance the viewers imagination and also we want to make a film which makes them question characters, consisting of twists. The movement that we added into our animatic should also give us a better understanding when filming our opening of what camera angles we will do and the timing of these camera angles. It is important that we follow what we have planned over the last few weeks as organisation within the film can be the difference between a grade.